Lingual Kids was established in 2002 by Terra Baker-Trofort. Terra’s own language studies, extensive travel, and commitment to education inspired her to create a program that would use age-appropriate themes and participatory lessons to engage young learners. Lingual Kids holds its instructors to the highest education standards, so you can trust that your facilitators will be fluent in your language of choice, enthusiastic, and attentive to the unique needs of the students in their care.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to to equip and empower today’s youth with foreign language skills that will enable them to connect, function and compete in a global society. The emerging global society demands that we bridge gaps by learning languages other than our own. Lingual Kids is actively preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges. Lingual Kids seeks to create an appreciation of cultural diversity, incorporate literacy-rich and age-appropriate themes, engage active learners with exploratory, dynamic and participatory foreign language courses and lessons. Teachers go beyond teaching basic Mandarin and Spanish words, but actually gear students toward conversational skills and fluency. Students gain a greater sense of global community, a competitive edge in the future global marketplace, enhanced cognitive reasoning and qualitative skills, as well as expanded active communication skills.

At Lingual Kids, we only hire qualified instructors to teach our language classes. All instructors are fluent in your selected foreign language by nature of being bilingual or obtaining a degree in the language. All instructors are trained in the Lingual Kids Focus on Fun approach to teaching.

Terra Baker Trofort

Director and Founder

Ms. Luisa

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Yudannis

Spanish Teacher

Ms. Fei

Mandarin Teacher

    Join Our Team

    If you’re interested in joining the Lingual Kids team, please fill out the form and attach a cover letter and resume.

    The key to our success lies beyond our passion for learning and our accomplished teachers. We use an array of visual props, music, movement, storytelling, and child-friendly learning themes so that students effortlessly absorb sounds and intonations of the language. These tailored immersion techniques consistently result in expedient conversational proficiency. Lesson vocabulary is modeled seamlessly using phrases that are easily picked up by students. Our methods encourage retention and enjoyment.

    “Adams Park Library has enjoyed Lingual Kids’ programs over the years! We particularly enjoyed the Mandarin and Spanish storytellers and look forward to having you back this fall.”
    – Shirelle Akins

    “We love the manner in which the classes are taught. The children love their teacher who is always engaging and loves to sing with the children. ”
    – Scott Montessori

    At around 7 years old, Taylor expressed an interest in learning Spanish because she wanted to be able to communicate with all the children on the playground. I looked for a consistent tutor and finally found Terra and her amazing team at Lingual Kids. When Taylor started working with Lingual Kids, she was barely able to name body parts in Spanish. By the end of the first round of about 1.5 years of tutoring, Taylor was having full age level appropriate conversations! Due to Taylor’s preparation through Lingual Kids, she was able to attend a local public school in Mexico and within one month was completely fluent; reading, thinking and speaking in Spanish. Taylor is now in 10th grade in Virginia and was placed in Level 3, Spanish for Fluent Speakers upon entry and will be able to obtain a Certification for Interpreters/Translators upon graduation. I am beyond excited to have been able to give my child this opportunity in life and forever grateful to Terra and her team for their professionalism and kindness.
    – April H.